The second season of the CBS sitcom as Murphy Brown which originally aired from September 18, 1989 to May 21, 1990, which consists of 27 episodes.

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Images No. in season Title Air Date Director Writer
The Brothers Silverberg (1) 1 The Brothers Silverberg September 18, 1989 Barnet Kellman Diane English
When Miles arrives to the office, the whole gang makes fun of his new suit. He says he bought it because his older brother is coming to town so he wants to look good. At Murphy's office, Miles asks her to join them for lunch, Murphy reluctantly agrees. At Phil's Miles' brother Josh and Murphy really hit it off, which makes Miles a little uncomfortable. They also agree to go all to dinner together at a fancy Italian restaurant. Miles brings his date Audrey Cohen, they all have a nice time at first but then Miles starts embarassing Murphy. The next day, Miles apologizes to Murphy about the way he behaved at the restaurant. One night Miles, Murphy and Josh arrive at her house after dinner, Murphy and Josh want to be alone but Miles is always getting in the middle, so they politely ask him to leave. Miles shows up in the middle of the night just to tell Murphy that he does not like the idea of her dating his brother at all. Josh arrives after being looking for Miles for hours, they stay
Anchors Away (1) 2 Anchors Away September 25, 1989 Barnet Kellman Kathryn Baker
The network sends Jim to Libya for two weeks, so they can audition a handsome new anchor for FYI; they don't count on the retaliation of Murphy and the gang.
The Memo that Got Away 3 The Memo that Got Away October 2, 1989 Barnet Kellman Denise Moss & Sy Dukane
A high-school computer hacker stumbles onto a memo by Murphy about her co-workers; he plans to publish it in the school paper.
TV or Not TV 4 TV or Not TV October 16, 1989 Barnet Kellman Craig Hoffman
The network ask the FYI staff to cooperate with the making of a sitcom based on the news show. Resistant at first, everybody goes overboard when they learn Julia St Martin will star, Murphy being the worst offender.
Miles' Big Adventure 5 Miles' Big Adventure October 23, 1989 Barnet Kellman Tom Seeley & Norm Gunzenhauser
Miles reluctantly takes a tropical island vacation but while there a stolen jet arrives. For Murphy and the rest of FYI the question is, can Miles land the big story on his own?
Buddies Schmuddies 6 Buddies Schmuddies October 30, 1989 Barnet Kellman Russ Woody
Murphy and Frank are put in competition for a hot story by Miles. Their friendship is at risk as they both resort to underhanded means to succeed.
Whose Garbage is it Anyway 7 Whose Garbage is it Anyway? November 6, 1989 Barnet Kellman Denise Moss & Sy Dukane
Conservative nemesis Jerry Gold accuses the FYI staff of not following through on their convictions about the environment. Murphy and her colleagues accept the challenge to go two weeks being eco-friendly. They find it more difficult than anticipated.
And the Whiner Is 8 And the Whiner Is... November 13, 1989 Barnet Kellman Kathryn Baker
Murphy is very disgruntled when Corky wins the Humboldt, a news casting award she expected to win. She is further annoyed when Corky is assigned a major story and refuses to help when her colleague is overwhelmed by the job.
Roasted (episode) 9 Roasted November 20, 1989 Barnet Kellman Tom Seeley & Norm Gunzenhauser
Jim's twenty-five years at the network pass by unacknowledged and Murphy decides to host a roast by his friends. But Jim takes the insults to heart and becomes even more depressed. Murphy questions him about what's really wrong.
Brown Like Me (Part 1) 10 Brown Like Me (Part 1) November 27, 1989 Barnet Kellman Diane English
Coincidentally Murphy's father, young wife and new baby visits and then her mother shows up.
205px 11 Brown Like Me (Part 2) November 27, 1989 Barnet Kellman Diane English
After Murphy's estranged parents both arrive to see her presented with a prestigious award, she must act as a referee. Murphy just wants them to act like average people for once so she can enjoy the moment.
The Strike 12 The Strike December 11, 1989 Barnet Kellman Steven Peterman & Gary Dontzig
When the crew of FYI goes on strike, Murphy serves has a mediator between the production members and Network's management.
Here's to You Mrs Kinsella 13 Here's to You, Mrs. Kinsella December 18, 1989 Barnet Kellman Russ Woody
Mikes has an anonymous relationship with an older woman and is stunned to learn she is the wife of his boss, Eugene Kinsella. He tries to confess but Mr. Kinsella thinks he is covering for Frank.
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve 14 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? January 1, 1990 Barnet Kellman Diane English
The gang relives Murphy's past exploits before she was sober as New Year approaches and Corky decides to host a party. Back home by herself Murphy debates about taking a drink.
Subpoena Envy 15 Subpoena Envy January 8, 1990 Barnet Kellman Denise Moss & Sy Dukane
After Murphy's expose airs on FYI, she is asked to reveal her anonymous source and refuses. She is sent to prison and is letdown that it is more like a country club than a jail cell which leaves her depressed.
I Want My FYI 16 I Want My FYI January 29, 1990 Barnet Kellman Tom Seeley & Norm Gunzenhauser
The network decides to put in production a kid's version of FYI and asks the senior staff to act as mentors. Reluctant at first, Murphy and her friends become over involved with the youngsters taking on characteristics of their role models.
Frankly Speaking 17 Frankly Speaking February 5, 1990 Barnet Kellman Gary Dontzig & Steven Peterman
Frank starts dating accomplished and beautiful Alexandra but Murphy is not impressed. Because they are best friends, Murphy tries to warm to Alexandra and as soon as she does, Frank gets cold feet.
The Murphy Brown School of Broadcasting 18 The Murphy Brown School of Broadcasting February 12, 1990 Barnet Kellman Marilyn Anderson & Billy Riback
Murphy's beloved teacher Mr. Hamilton, who encouraged her broadcasting interest, is retiring and intends to open a journalism school. He wants to name it after Murphy but when she visits, she thinks his ideas are outdated and perhaps he's lost his touch. She struggles with how to tell him.
Bad Girls 19 Bad Girls February 19, 1990 Barnet Kellman Gary Dontzig & Steven Peterman
For sweeps Miles needs a big story so he cajoles Murphy and Corky to dress as hookers to uncover an oil industry scandal. Murphy is made to feel old and they keep encountering other reporters doing the same report.
Heart of Gold 20 Heart of Gold February 26, 1990 Barnet Kellman Russ Woody
Jerry Gold drops by Phil's and immediately antagonizes everyone but Murphy. She sees past his rudeness and they start dating, which the FYI staff find irksome. Murphy starts to see herself change in ways she doesn't like.
On the Road Again 21 On the Road Again March 5, 1990 Barnet Kellman Sy Dukane & Denise Moss
Murphy and Jim go on an affiliate tour, thinking they will end up in Hawaii, but a snowstorm strands them in Kansas. Jim deals with temptation after meeting Nancy, an attractive woman, in the hotel bar.
But First a Word from Our Sponsor 22 But First a Word from Our Sponsor March 19, 1990 Barnet Kellman Craig Hoffman
Murphy and Miles try very hard to have a controversial segment air on FYI after a viewer sent a letter of disapprouval to every board member of the network and the show's sponsors.
Frank's Appendectomy 23 Frank's Appendectomy April 9, 1990 Barnet Kellman Tom Seeley & Norm Gunzenhauser
The pranks Murphy and Frank play on each other become more elaborate and annoying to their friends. When one embrasses the FYI show, it looks like Miles will get fired for letting things get out of hand. Murphy and Frank try frantically to save his job.
Fax or Fiction 24 Fax or Fiction April 30, 1990 Barnet Kellman Chris R. Westphal & Deborah Markoe-Klein
Miles receives an anonymous love letter but doesn't know how to respond so Murphy plays Cyrano and writes a response. When an intriguing reply comes over the fax the deception continues, with Murphy becoming fascinated with the other writer. A meeting is arranged with everyone in for a surprise.
The Bitch's Back 25 The Bitch's Back May 7, 1990 Barnet Kellman Gary Dontzig & Steven Peterman
Miles is stressed with Jim vacationing so he institutes relaxation exercises for everyone. Murphy approaches it unwilling and is furious when she is hospitalized with a back injury. Everyone must deal with her temper while still putting on a show.
Going to the Chapel (Part 1) 26 Going to the Chapel (Part 1) May 14, 1990 Barnet Kellman Diane English & Korby Siamis
When Corky gets engaged to an old highschool friend, Murphy throws her a shower at Phil's.
Going to the Chapel (Part 2) 27 Going to the Chapel (Part 2) May 21, 1990 Barnet Kellman Diane English & Korby Siamis
Murphy, maid of honor, is having difficulties planning Corky and Will's wedding.
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