The Coma and the Oxford Comma is the eighth episode of the eleventh season in this revival sitcom of Murphy Brown which was aired on November 15, 2018. It was directed by Michael Lembeck and written by Marc Flanagan.

Summary Edit

The "Murphy in the Morning" team strives to land a revealing first interview with Corky's beauty pageant friend, Holly who just woke up from a 10-year coma that made national headlines.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Supporting Cast Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Andre Ward as Julius

Guest Edit

  • Brooke Shields as Holly Mackin Lynne
  • Stephen Plunkett as Charles Lynne
  • Lisha McKoy as Nurse Libby Gallup
  • Jun Naito as Dr. Akasaka
  • Joanna P. Adler as Mary Kate #97
  • Harrison Chad as Connor
  • Shamikah Martinez as Tia
  • Carme Boixadera as Nicole
  • Ryan Vandenboom as Leo
  • Eric Van Alstyne as Announcer Voiceover

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being credited, Adan Rocha do not appear.
  • When Murphy talks to the newly awakened Holly, she mentions that if she likes Magnum P.I. or Will & Grace she'll be happy, referencing that Magnum, P.I. (1980–88) was rebooted this season as Magnum P.I. (2018–), and Will & Grace (1998–) was resurrected last season with new episodes, just like Murphy Brown itself was resurrected this season.
  • Charles Lynn was tried and acquitted of the attempted murder of his wife, Holly Mackin Lynn. When his wife implicated him in the attempted murder after reviving from a coma, he could not be tried again for the same crime. So he would not have to do "hard time" as mentioned by the news team.

Quotes Edit

Murphy: Donald Trump is President
Holly Mackin Lynn: Of What?
Murphy: The United States!
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